Guideline for oral presentations:
Speakers are encouraged to arrive at the venue at least an hour before their presentation is due to start. You will be given the opportunity to go through your slides in the break prior to your speech.
Oral sessions allow authors to present papers for discussion detailing their presenting for 10 minutes,   with 3 minutes allocated for Q&A.
Speakers are strongly encouraged to dress in business formals during presentations.

Presentation Format
Technicians will assist you in pre-loading your presentation to the networked system either by their presentation in an USB flash drive/external device or authors can present using their own devices.
Prepare notes that highlight the salient points of your talk. Make sure your slides are readable, concise & uncluttered. 16x9 ppx format acceptable.
LCD projectors, screens, laser pointers and microphones will be provided.
Speakers who have video clips in their presentation should check the compatibility with the computer projection equipment.

Guideline for poster presentations:

Posters should be prepared both in pdf form (1 page in A4 paper size, vertical orientation) for online presentation and as a printed poster in A0 paper size, vertical orientation, (841 mm (33.1 in) in width and 1189 mm (46.8 in) in length for presentation on site in Krakow.

All posters should be prepared in English. Typically: title, authors’ names and affiliations; introduction, materials and methods, results and conclusions, cited literature should be included in each poster. Make sure that the poster is not crowded by too many letters or numbers. Posters should be easy to read from a 2-meter distance. Each poster will be placed online – the online participants will be able to ask questions during congress. Make sure, you are available for online questions as if it would be during face-to-face meeting.

The recommended poster format for printed posters which will be hanged on site in Kraków is A0. If you want to use different poster dimensions it is possible, however please keep in mind that the poster boards dimensions (including the frame) are 1000 mm in width and 2500 mm in height.

The Organizing Committee can print the poster for you (and hang it in the poster exhibition hall) for an additional fee of 25 Euro. If you are interested in please contact with us at
In such case please ensure the figures and photographs included in the poster are of appropriate quality (300 dpi at least), A0 paper size, scale 1:1, vertical orientation, bleeds 5 mm – 10 mm.

If you decide to use this service you should prepare a poster in A0 format and send to email address no later than August 16th and provide the data to issue the invoice.

Each poster has a separate number and space (one board for each poster). The posters should be placed according to the assigned numbers in the poster area. If you decide to do it please send your printed poster to our office (address: Symposium Cracoviense Sp. z o.o. ul. Krupnicza 3, 31-123 Kraków) until 5th of August. If there is any problem with sending the poster let us know. We will be happy to help. If the are not collected after that time, they will be discarded.
One of the authors should be present at his/her poster during the Poster session.

Please provide a poster in pdf format  for online presentation for email address till August 19th, 2021

Please remember to name the file by your name, surname and the tittle of poster (surname_name_ the tittle of poster)

Guideline for virtual oral presentations:
All the presentations should be recorded in English. Make sure you speak clearly and your English is understandable. You can record your presentation as many times as you want and upload the best version.
The time of your presentation should be 10-15 minutes. Include a short introductions, description of the methods but concentrate on results and conclusions. Make sure your slides are readable, concise & uncluttered.

The virtual oral presentations will be available on the online platform throughout the whole Congress period and participants may ask you questions after watching it. There is an option to record and upload your virtual oral presentation before the start of the Congress – some of those will be presented on the platform even before the start of the Congress (approx. 1 week prior) and featured as the oral presentation of the day.

Please provide your presentation in mp4 format for email address till August 19th ,2021
Please remember to name the file by your name, surname and the tittle of presentation
(surname_name_the tittle of presentation)


If you are not register yet we kindly ask to confirm your participation in the the 67th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology and register on the congress website for the In-Person Congress in Krakow  or for the Virtual Congress .

Please note that only presentations of registered presenting authors will be included in the final program of the ICOMST2021

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